About Us

Established in the UK since 1961.

Our presence in the UK dates back to 1961 when the first branch of HBL Bank UK was opened in London. Our trading name at that time was Habib Bank Limited (HBL).

In 2001, the UK branches HBL and Allied Bank Limited (ABL) transferred their business to Habib Allied International Bank PLC (HAIB) and began trading as Habib Bank UK. HAIB shareholding was 90.5% held by HBL and the remaining 9.5% by ABL. In 2011, HAIB acquired 100% shareholding in Habibsons Bank Limited (HSB), a bank incorporated in the UK.

Following the acquisition, the banking business of HAIB was merged with HSB in December 2014 through a statutory transfer of business and continued trading as Habibsons Bank. In September 2015, HAIB changed its name to Habib Allied Holding Limited. In December 2018, both the trading and registered name of Habibsons bank was changed to “HBL Bank UK Limited” trading as HBL Bank UK. During the year 2022, HBL acquired the 9.5% shareholding of ABL, to become the sole parent of Habib Allied Holding Limited.

The majority shareholder- HBL, is the largest commercial bank in Pakistan and has a network of over 1,750 branches and operates in over 13 countries across four continents, serving over 36 million customers and clients. For information about HBL Pakistan please click here.

HBL Bank UK has been catering to the banking needs of South Asian communities in the UK and Europe for over 54 years with a network of 4 branches in the UK offering commercial and retail banking. The bank also has a dedicated Wealth Management branch. One in London, Portman Street.

What we do:

As an independent UK based bank, we take great pride in providing a high standard of banking services to meet your financial needs. Our strong global network and expert professionals are ready to help you with your everyday banking, your commercial banking and your wealth management needs. Whether you are looking for financing solutions to grow your business, LCs for trade financing or investing for the future, we have products to support all your needs. You can open a current or savings account in multiple currencies, place a term deposit, remit money to family in Pakistan or elsewhere; we pride ourselves in knowing the local culture and market practices of both the developed and the emerging markets.

Board of Directors

Mr. Andrea Farace
Ms. Suzanne Clark
Mr. Khalid Qurashi
Mr. Bob Annibale
Mr. Rayomond Kotwal
Mr. Farhan Talib
Mr. Sagheer Mufti
Mr. Andreas Ponce de Leon
Mr David Day
Company Secretary

Management Committee

Mr Andreas Ponce de Leon
Chief Executive Officer
Aamir Jahangir
Head of Innovation, Strategic Projects & Marketing
Haaris Zafar
Head of Commercial and Strategic Growth
Melanie Kearney
Head of Compliance
Sameer Mhatay
Head of Wealth
David Day
Head of HR & Corporate Affairs
Kamran Farooqui
Head of Operations
Najam Siddiqi
Chief Finance Officer
Rana Fasih
Chief Risk Officer

Find your nearest

We have 2 branches in London (Portman Street & Whitechapel) and 1 each in Birmingham and Manchester . Please click below for more information.


HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank, was the first commercial bank to be established in Pakistan in 1947. Since its inception, HBL has grown its branch network to over 1,700 branches, +2,000 ATMs and serving 20 million customers in 15 countries. HBL is shaping the future through a paradigm shift as a ‘Technology Company with a Banking License’. The Bank’s multiple digital channels are helping it get closer to its customers through innovative and friction-less ways.